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london Flight Deals

From To Depart Return Airline Sample Fares*
ATL LGA Aug 30, 2024 Sep 05, 2024 Airline
DFW LGA Sep 19, 2024 Sep 22, 2024 Airline
PBI LGA Sep 27, 2024 Sep 30, 2024 Airline
ORD LGA Aug 09, 2024 Aug 09, 2024 Airline
YEG LGA Aug 16, 2024 Aug 31, 2024 Airline

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Learning about ancient belief systems, getting to know interesting individuals who can tell captivating tales about living in other environments, and finding new and stunning locations to visit are all aspects of traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. We encounter life in ways that are not possible for us to at home while we are abroad. So, one of the most distinctive and customized life experiences is traveling.

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Some stats for London Heathrow Airport (LHR)  and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) :

  • For flight reservation from London to New York, see ""
  • On, tickets from LHR to JFK can be bought for as cheap as $335, which includes taxes and carrier fees.
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and London Heathrow Airport (LHR) are 3,440 miles apart.
  • Depending on the carrier, the trip might last as long as eight hours and ten minutes.
  • There are five or six direct flights every day, every week, from LHR to JFK.

Facts about John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

  • Idlewild Airport was the previous name of JFK Airport. Soon after John F. Kennedy's death, the airport changed its name.
  • Near the extreme end of Federal Circle, at JFK Airport, there's a secret baseball field. The field is adjacent to Cargo Area A and not far from the cell phone lot.
  • JFK has the second-longest runway in the US. The Bay Runway, also known as 31L, was used as a backup landing site for space shuttles.
  • There is also a facility at JFK referred to as a "pet-only terminal." The terminal, commonly referred to as the "ARK," is an opulent establishment with a variety of amenities for several animal species.
  • There are sculptures and paintings throughout every terminal of the airport, many of which were created by well-known, internationally famous artists.
  • The airport was also the first in the nation to construct a terminal especially made to handle the enormous Airbus A380.

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